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do you need a permit to own a goat

January 16, 2021

A sign rendering and dimensions will need to be included with the online applications. With license: bear, monkey, lion, tiger, alligator, leopard, cheetah, etc. Fennec Foxes Are Legal Pets in New York State. Vendors pay only one permit fee and need only one permit to sell at all member markets in the City of Albuquerque. Registered wild animals including bear, tiger, lion, monkey, jaguar, etc. (5) Exotic animal. “Domestic Animal (s) Requiring a Permit” shall mean a domestic animal included in, but not limited to, the following list: Alpaca, Bison, Camel, Caribou, Cattle, Deer, Donkey, Elk, Goat, Horse, Llama, Moose, Mule, Ox, Pig, Pony, Reindeer, Sheep, Water Buffalo, a kept outside bird, fowl, and/or any other animal so determined by the Department. If you legally obtain a non-prohibit… ; 287.731; 287.1001 et seq. cougar, black bear, raccoon, bobcat), Lion, tiger, monkey, llama, giraffe, chinchilla, porcupine, weasel, chipmunk, mole, License required to for certain wild animals, Big game animal (e.g. Goats make great pets! Question: Is a marble fox okay to own in New York state? But local laws could affect your plans. The city of Jacksonville has issued its first permit allowing people to keep chickens in their back yard. According to San Francisco health codes, donkeys, mules, cows, and goats (basically all “even-toed hooved animals”) require a permit, although … Answer: No, a raccoon cannot be owned in New York. They won’t be killing anyone but you will want to avoid a bite from a kinkajou’s decently-sized dentition. The cost of the permit for selling raw produce and/or pure, raw honey is $15.00. Question: Is it ok to own a pet hedgehog in New York state? Question: Can I own tarantulas in New York City? Can you own a mini pig Suffolk county, Long Island? Please tell us what format you need. ty. The email address cannot be subscribed. ; 4-425 et seq. Exotic animals not considered dangerous including chinchilla, yak, servals, camel, Permits required; registration required for "dangerous wild animals" listed in statute, Ape, bat, gibbon, raccoon, skunk, alligator. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on February 24, 2017: I forgot to add them. Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported. City Council passed a law allowing hens … monkey, leopard, wolf), Permit required: "deleterious exotic animals" (e.g. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on August 26, 2017: Yes, peafowl are legal in most places, maybe all. Answer: Servals are illegal but fennec foxes aren't. This is a unique number identifying the land on which you intend to keep the goat. Tori M. 1 decade ago. However, should someone be found with a hyena, it is certain the officials will realize their error and enact an emergency update to the law, and without a grandfather clause, the bold owner might be in some trouble. Question: What snakes are allowed in NYC? Question: Can I own a Jerboa in New York State? Are they very territorial? We recommend using In addition, it's always a good idea to know where your property line is before applying for a wall/fence permit. Some people report that they can have a nasty side. Most exotic animals are regulated by the Department of Conservation (DEC). The Department does not issue permits for the holding (i.e. In terms of what animals seem to be most commonly banned I'd say it's a "big four" of carnivorans, primates, crocodilians, and venomous snakes. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on March 16, 2017: Well im glad I read NY Dept of Health website after reading this page...To author, there is some misinformation on here, specifically squirrel, boa constrictors are illegal in NY...and so are sugar gliders, A lot of states blanket ban all carnivores, and those that don't usually ban hyenas. There are also a few species that are banned entirely from being imported into New Hampshire. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on July 26, 2020: James Gaffney Monitors are not legal in NYC. Question: Can you own a peacock in New York state? You should contact your state’s agency as well as your city, county, and neighborhood association if you are serious about adopting uncommon exotic pets. Answer: Venomous snakes are illegal in New York State. Answer: Bush Babies are illegal in New York State. Answer: No, hybrids are still considered exotic cats. Question: Can I own a skunk in Suffolk County, New York? WolfHazel on May 16, 2020: Cab i have a pet Sable in the state? Coyote, wolf, tiger, lion, non-native bear, "great ape," etc. Question: Are iguanas legal to own in upstate New York? It is likely no city or county would be open to approving such an animal as well. 5.08.270 - Horses, calves, goats, pygmy goats, etc. 131-23 et seq. The litter permit (.pdf) is necessary for anyone whose female dog or cat has a litter; the permit must be obtained prior to or within ten (10) business days of the litter’s birth. While many rural areas do not require any permits for accessory or agricultural buildings, most urban areas have some requirements. If you need assistance locating a slaughter house in this directory, call the NCDA&CS Meat and Poultry Inspection Division at 919-707-3180. 1533.71; 935.01 et seq. Permit from wildlife commission required to own exotic wildlife. With permit: anaconda, skink, and other "restricted wild animals". A second tier of commonly-banned animals includes native mammals, deer, bats, and armadillos (all due to disease concerns), Virginia opossums (caught up in furbearer regulations), large constricting snakes (due to safety concerns) and quaker parakeets (due to environmental concerns, though as those have proven unfounded those laws are being slowly repealed). The list of controlled species - those requiring a permit - is long, covering a wide range of animals, from bears and bats to wolves and woodchucks. Answer Save. Just like hedgehogs, a porcupine can become your quilled companion. and dont use they "domesticated" word....almost any animal (with some exceptions) can be domesticated if raised from a newborn. braxton on May 15, 2020: Question: Is an arctic fox legal to own in New York State? No goat or sheep infected with scrapie, or the offspring of a goat or sheep infected with scrapie, may enter Virginia. bear, lion, monkey, fox, raccoon), Permit not required: ferret, certain turtles & geckos, dove, emu, chinchilla, sugar glider, American bison, llama, Permit required: venomous snakes, gila monster, License/permit required for certain animals. Question: Can I own a venomous bush viper in New York State? I was thinking while searching through this page if ferrets are legal and do you need a permit? There may very well be a loophole in New York’s ‘Big 5’ ban; it seems to leave out members of hyaenidae, which include the aardwolf, striped hyena and spotted hyena. 2 Answers. skunk, mink); primate owned before 1/1/2011 and registered before 4/1/2011, Registration required for permitted primate and capuchin monkey (used by disabled person), With permit: fox, raccoon, skunk, wolf, bear, wild cat, venomous reptile, crocodile, Permits required for certain wild animals (classes I, II, & III), Wolf, hyena, leopard, bear, primate, crocodile, cobra, python, Lion, tiger, leopard, jaguar, bear, non-native venomous snake (exceptions apply). Many cities and neighborhood associations restrict them. Answer: A marble fox is a red fox with a special coat color, they are also illegal. ; 657-3-11. Permits required for persons who legally possessed prohibited wildlife prior to 6/25/1991. Question: I raise livestock and want to take my animals to an inspected slaughter / processor, then sell the meats at my local farmer's market. Possession of wildlife for public exhibition with permit. Permit required for "inherently dangerous" animals. Wolves allowed with permit. Welcome to the License & Permits Division. General licence for the movement of sheep and goats: annexes A to C In New York State, hybrids should be 'F5' and lower. Question: Can you own a toucan in New York State? Thank you for the information you provide it is very helpful. All rights reserved. Goats and sheep may be imported for immediate slaughter into Virginia without a CVI. Question: Can I own a marmoset in New York State? This makes hyenas technically legal in New York State. Answer: Yes, they are legal in all states. 87-4-801 et seq. Visit our professional site », Created by FindLaw's team of legal writers and editors Unfortunately for one wallaby owner in Westchester, their well-cared for pet escaped its enclosure in 2014. Can you have a pet arctic fox in New York State. DebbieDoubtful. Firefox, or With permit (or without permit if captured in state): Permit required for certain live wildlife. Answer: Foxes are illegal in New York State except fennecs. However, even if you're allowed to own a certain type of animal, you may still be liable for any injuries or damage caused by your exotic pet, which can be severe. Whether you already own an exotic animal, are thinking about purchasing one, or have been harmed by someone else's pet, contact a personal injury attorney to get a better handle on your state's exotic animal laws. Also called a bearcat but not a member of the feline family, binturongs may look dangerous but most of them living in pet situations are even-tempered. By Cheryl K. Smith . Answer: Non-venomous, non-pythons, non-boas, like king snakes, milk snakes, garter snakes, etc. at maturity and owned before 10/1/2010, Permits required for wild and exotic animals, Wild life generally, except by permit; non-native poisonous snakes, No permit required: chinchilla, hedgehog, ferret, possum, sugar glider. Answer: Most exotic animals are illegal in NYC. Copyright © 2021, Thomson Reuters. ; 87-5-705 et seq. Certificate of registration required to own dangerous wild animals, Bear, tiger, lion, cheetah, monkey, ape, gorilla, kangaroo, lemur (exceptions apply). This includes a single animal kept temporarily or as a pet. A perennial favorite in petting zoos, their curious and friendly nature make them fun companions. However, any such animal may be kept in the city after the owner or custodian of an exotic animal applies for an exotic animal permit from the shelter manager. Being an exotic rodent, this hefty semi-aquatic guinea pig relative can live with you in the state as well as maras, pacas, and agoutis. Answer: Yes, I think they are legal in all 50 states. Question: Can I own an octopus in New York State? Question: Can you own an otter in New York state? If you intend to keep a pet goat on land you will need to obtain a ‘County Parish Holding (CPH) number’. Permit required: lion, tiger, monkey, etc. In New York, ‘large’ constrictor snakes are illegal. Without certificate: monkey, ferret, lemur, capybara, etc. Can we just buy the goat or do we need some type of license or permit? 609.305 et seq. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on March 02, 2017: I thought sugar gliders were illegal in New York. Note: All information comes from online resources and personal knowledge. Legible test results must be faxed/e-mailed to the permit office before a permit number can be issued. Chinchilla, hedgehog, sugar glider, mountain lion, wolf, deer, coyote, bear, tiger, monkey, License required for certain categories of animals, 48.1-09; 36-01-08.4; 36-01-31; 36-01-08.2, Lion, tiger, bear, elephant, alligator, monkey, serval (exceptions apply), Permits required for certain situations including exempted dangerous animals. There are a wide variety of breeds available but the dwarf or pygmy varieties are probably the most commonly kept as pets. Regulations on Use of Your Home to Keep Livestock Animals. ), Non-dangerous exotic animal (e.g. Cute, friendly, and known for being "gentle giants," it's no wonder that the Boer goat has become so popular. Question: Are ball pythons illegal in New York? lion, tiger, bear, etc.). ; 609.345; 635-056-0000 et seq. They don't seem to require alot of maintenance to be a happy part of the family, am i correct here or have i missed something? Since the goat craze is fairly recent, don’t be surprised if they are not entirely sure at first. Our licensing and permits range from Livestock Interstate Movement entry permits and Livestock Brand Registration, to Milk and Dairy Soft Serve products and pet food inedible product importers. are Argentine black and white tegus legal in New York State. You may choose to start with baby pygmy goats or choose adults to breed your own. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately. Perhaps you've always wanted to own a pet monkey, or you're wondering whether it's legal for your neighbor to have that cougar in his backyard. License not required: exotic livestock, fish, amphibians, etc. People seeking a cat colony permit (.pdf), excess animal permit (.pdf), or livestock permit (.pdf) will need … Many exceptions and qualifications apply to these exotic animal laws.

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