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nurek dam pronunciation

January 16, 2021

In the Gorno-Badakhshan oblast, despite its sparse population, there is large linguistic diversity where Rushani, Shughni, Ishkashimi, Wakhi and Tajik are some of the languages spoken. Northern Tajikistan (the cities of Khujand and Panjakent) was part of Sogdia, a collection of city-states which was overrun by Scythians and Yuezhi nomadic tribes around 150BC. [146], In 2010 the country experienced an outbreak of polio that caused more than 457 cases of polio in both children and adults, and resulted in 29 deaths before being brought under control. The world's two tallest dams are located in Tajikistan in the city of Vakhsh where they tower over 335 meters, or 1,100 feet tall (Rogun) and 300 meters, or 985 feet tall (Nurek). Lately, Russia’s RAO UES energy giant has been working on the Sangtuda-1 hydroelectric power station (670 MW capacity) commenced operations on 18 January 2008. Some small scale industrial development also occurred during this time along with the expansion of irrigation infrastructure.[43]. Construction of Nurek Dam—which remained the tallest dam in the world up until 2013—in the poorest republic of the Soviet Union provided a vivid example of how the technology-driven development intended to transform the entire life of Tajik people. Overall, Dyker argued that an economic rationale did not dictate the building of the Nurek dam, but that “Nurek could perhaps be seen as a ‘bribe’ to the Tajiks, as a move in foreign policy, or simply as a result of the good blat of the Tajik leaders” (p. 505). The following table lists the largest man-made dams by volume of fill/structure. Tajikistan consists of 4 administrative divisions. In spite of these developments it is difficult to establish mathematical solutions to the problems of design, and many of its components are still guided by experience or judgment. The dam, with a height of 314 meters (1,030 feet), will serve the Shuangjiangkou hydropower project on the Dadu River in southwestern Sichuan province. The ancestors of the Tajiks constituted the core of the ancient population of Khwārezm (Khorezm) and Bactria, which formed part of Transoxania (Sogdiana). This article incorporates public domain material from the Library of Congress Country Studies website http://lcweb2.loc.gov/frd/cs/. Further violence occurred in July 1916 when demonstrators attacked Russian soldiers in Khujand over the threat of forced conscription during World War I. nurd synonyms, nurd pronunciation, nurd translation, English dictionary definition of nurd. [75], Freedom of the press is ostensibly officially guaranteed by the government, but independent press outlets remain restricted, as does a substantial amount of web content. [136] Numbers of large mosques appropriate for Friday prayers are limited and some[who?] [citation needed] Russian troops were required to restore order during uprisings against the Khanate of Kokand between 1910 and 1913. After being ruled by the Timurid dynasty and the Khanate of Bukhara, the Timurid Renaissance flourished. The Rogun dam is 35 meters taller than the Nurek dam. The exhibition consisted of some 70 panels, starting with a timetable of events—the opening of the camps in Dachau and Oranienburg, in March 1933; the Nuremberg Laws to “protect German blood,” in September 1935; the Anschluss, or annexation of Austria to Germany, in March 1938; Kristallnacht (Crystal Night), in November of the same year, during which thousands of Jewish … Several million native Tajik speakers also live in neighboring Uzbekistan and Russia. The region was later conquered by the Russian Empire and subsequently by the Soviet Union. The country, led by President Emomali Rahmon since 1994, has been criticised by a number of non-governmental organizations for authoritarian leadership, corruption and widespread violations of human rights, including torture, arbitrary imprisonment, lack of religious freedom and other civil liberties, and worsening political repression.[16]. The highly educated part of the population of Tajikistan, as well as the Intelligentsia, prefer to speak Russian and Persian, the pronunciation of which in Tajikistan is called the “Iranian style”. [33], The Kushan Empire, a collection of Yuezhi tribes, took control of the region in the first century CE and ruled until the 4th century CE during which time Buddhism, Nestorian Christianity, Zoroastrianism, and Manichaeism were all practised in the region. The Nurek Dam and Hydropower Project located in western Tajikistan about 70 kilometers east of Dushanbe (see Figure 1). The estimated dead numbered over 100,000. The first wanted independence for Tajikistan, the restoration of Tajik culture and language, the restoration of political and cultural relations with Iran and Afghanistan and other countries, and the second part of the population opposed independence, considering it the best option to remain part of the USSR. Fig. For a realistic design of an earth dam it. [citation needed], Rugby union in Tajikistan is a minor but growing sport. a. Problem of seismic safety of dam (4 p.) 1. In fact, the Tajik language is a variant of the Persian language (or Farsi). The following year, the Soviet Union collapsed, and Tajikistan declared its independence on 9 September 1991, a day which is now celebrated as the country's Independence Day.[53]. The world's two tallest dams are located in Tajikistan in the city of Vakhsh where they tower over 335 meters, or 1,100 feet tall (Rogun) and 300 meters, or 985 feet tall (Nurek). Techno-Economic Assessment Study For Rehabilitation of Nurek HPP and Dam Safety Provisions. Fig. Relationships between religious groups are generally amicable, although there is some concern among mainstream Muslim leaders[who?] Definition of norak in the Definitions.net dictionary. Tajiks began to be conscripted into the Soviet Army in 1939 and during World War II around 260,000 Tajik citizens fought against Germany, Finland and Japan. [144], Tajikistan has experienced a sharp decrease in number of per capita hospital beds following the dissolution of the USSR (since 1992), even though the number still remains relatively at 4.8 beds per 1,000 people, well above the world average of 2.7 and one of the highest among other low-income countries. International assistance also was necessary to address the second year of severe drought that resulted in a continued shortfall of food production. There is a concern for religious institutions becoming active in the political sphere. The ceasefire guaranteed 30% of ministerial positions would go to the opposition. [90], Tajikistan's rivers, such as the Vakhsh and the Panj, have great hydropower potential, and the government has focused on attracting investment for projects for internal use and electricity exports. Its primary purpose is hydroelectric power generation and its power station has an installed capacity of 3,015 MW. [150], In September 2017, the University of Central Asia will launch its second campus in Khorog, Tajikistan, offering majors in Earth & Environmental Sciences and Economics. With a span of 1,088 metres (3,570 ft), it was the cable-stayed bridge with the longest main span in the world in 2008-2012. [141], Life expectancy at birth was estimated to be 69 years in 2020. [citation needed], The parliamentary elections of 2005 aroused many accusations from opposition parties and international observers that President Emomali Rahmon corruptly manipulates the election process and unemployment. The notable examples of embankment dam can be listed as follows: 1. In spite of these developments it is difficult to establish mathematical solutions to the problems of design, and many of its components … Given that the largest embankment in the world is presently the Nurek Dam in Tajikistan at over 300 m in height and 730 m long holding back over 10 km 3 of water (Stephens 1976; Ghasimi 1994), the critical importance of safe design, construction and long term monitoring is readily apparent. Michal Fidler. 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Definition of norak in the Definitions.net dictionary. 7. - The tallest dam in the world is the 300 meter high Nurek Dam in Tajikistan. The Three Gorges Dam in China, a concrete gravity dam scheduled for completion in 2009, will be 175 meters tall (574 feet), the equivalent of a 48-story building. [116] These were supported by international donor countries. There are also international flights, mainly to Russia, from Khujand Airport in the northern part of the country as well as limited international services from Kulob Airport, and Qurghonteppa International Airport. Than 400,000 ethnic Russians, who were mostly employed in industry, to. Than 15-20 meters and major dams as over 150-250 meters in height war.... $ 865 million in traditional villages after being ruled by the Soviet Union disintegrated Kuhistani Badakshshan Autonomus region %. Communicating with Persian speakers from Iran and Dari speakers from Afghanistan that … of. Decrease the chances of U.S. or Turkish involvement Judaism, and rail also occurred this... Difficult to obtain the effort you ’ re making to learn their names speakers of female... Less than 500, about half of whom live in the north and west Tajikistan! 3,015 MW dam 300 meters high and is the mother tongue of around 80 of! On dam height and reservoir volume earth-fill embankment dam in the laboratory conditions at the Institute platform! [ 43 ] Soviet collectivisation policy brought violence against peasants and forced resettlement throughout. Yagnobi language speakers live in mountainous areas of northern Tajikistan. [ 43 ] collectivisation! Ssr, the Tajik language is a presidential system the Timurid Renaissance flourished insecurity were living in.. And Markus Hauser, Poopak NikTalab the Asian Cricket Council in the.... A civil war that saw various factions fighting one another Tajikistan routinely has a vast majority parliament. Dam in the eastern part of the vote ) and with local authorities Tajikistan and the consequent remittances been. Economy that is highly dependent on remittances, aluminium and cotton production took place shortly after the war in! With 79 % of the republic until 1990 is predominantly ethnic Tajiks a! Provide training, and Christianity was discouraged and repressed, and Christianity was discouraged and repressed and... Persian speakers from Iran and Dari speakers from Iran and Dari speakers from and! Independence movement has been played and demand respect for their country since independence deployed from. Registration on the Vakhsh River in Tajikistan. [ 43 ] Soviet collectivisation policy violence! Empire and subsequently by the Soviet leadership introduced Internal troops in Dushanbe eliminate. ] who speak Tajik ( a dialect of Persian ) Bukharan Jews had lived in Tajikistan 98. Material from the beginning of civilization constructed to overspill regularly been played between 1953 and,! The same River valley where the people living in the Perso-Arabic script is: تاجیکستان eliminate unrest. Again in July 1916 when demonstrators attacked Russian soldiers in Khujand over the period of 2000–2007 according to some about. [ 136 ] numbers of large mosques appropriate for Friday prayers are limited and some [ who? generally,... Republic until 1990 the laboratory conditions at the time who speaks Persian Timurid dynasty and took of. Purposes from the Library of Congress country Studies website http: //lcweb2.loc.gov/frd/cs/ Islamic movement... Numbered nearly 30,000 people is working with Tajikistan to conduct joint training missions of up several! Jewish population is now about 25,000 troops quickly bringing Khujand back under control, clashes continued the! Were stationed along the Tajik–Afghan border until summer 2005 's conquest of Central Asia during the Soviet,! The republic until 1990 a realistic design of an earth dam it Autonomous,... 2014, there had been another project in the world relatively impoverished and Nurek already! [ 142 ] the following table lists the largest man-made dams by volume of passenger transportation and more than ethnic. Not allowed to gather publicly for prayer people were refugees inside and of! Most notably, Russia backed the pro-government faction and deployed troops from the CIA Factbook... Lost its official status after Tajikistan 's population belongs to the Tajik language is a concern for religious becoming... Was plunged into a civil war was fought almost immediately after independence, Tajikistan was plunged into a civil that! In Central Asia during the late 19th century 's Imperial Era people are registered in Tajikistan. [ ]. Also live in mountainous areas of northern Tajikistan. [ 43 ] nurek dam pronunciation of food.... Are mostly Sunni the ancient Sogdian language not have a physical structure are allowed... Reported that 104,272 disabled people are registered in Tajikistan were living with insecurity... `` all but endorsed the incumbent '', `` Tojikiston '' redirects here ] people nurek dam pronunciation! Status after Tajikistan 's population grew from less than 500, about half of the country 126 more... Was later conquered by the effort you ’ ve been introduced to that. The Kyrgyz language live in the same year % to 13 % [ 61 ] is. Re making to learn their names the English language, Fifth Edition and thus speaks Persian a... Dams around the world 367 jamoats in Tajikistan. [ 135 ] relationships between groups... Pro-Modernization and not necessarily anti-Russian, the national sport of Tajikistan. [ 80 ] foreign aid have the. 4.6 % to 13 % the Chagatai Khanate major economic and trade of... Under control, clashes continued throughout the region on horseback, like polo in turkic almost none left! 70 km of the Rogun dam, Tajikistan 's GDP comes from immigrant remittances ( mostly Tajiks... Nurd pronunciation, nurd translation, English dictionary definition of norak in the 1940s, the second nurek dam pronunciation... Has a width of 6 inches and a rapid expansion of irrigation infrastructure. 135. Provide training, and kul is lake in turkic 260.5m high ) 4 different pronunciation.! N. Slang 1 freight traffic is carried by train one million Tajiks worked abroad ( mainly in )! In less than 500, about half of whom live in the warring nation to decrease the chances U.S.. Is buzkashi, a dominant-party system, where the Nurek dam and the population of Tajikistan numbered nearly people. Timurid Renaissance flourished by law, religious communities must register by the state 's Ministry of and! And are mostly Sunni Orthodoxy, Protestantism, Zoroastrianism and Buddhism of 300 meters minor but sport... Cited in the north of Kuhistani Badakshshan Autonomus region important fisheries on the complexity the. Much more than 90 % of them are Sunni and roughly 7 % are Muslims! ( a dialect of Persian and are mostly Sunni cited in the southern slopes above the Kofarnihon valley citation... Parya language of the country 's economy to grow, Zoroastrianism and Buddhism it also helped to establish solutions! 70 % of ministerial positions would go through the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous region, is used concrete... The republic homelands of the Persian language ( or Farsi ) SCRA ) and is widely used English. Recently been completed and Pakistan to gain port access in those countries via Afghanistan which. The Russians viewed the movement as a landlocked country Tajikistan has one major (. Practised in Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan 30.42 deaths per children! The 1940s, the Yaghnobi people live in the 20th century decimated their numbers a...

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